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Unbalanced (1.6)
Filename: unbalanced_16.zip

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17.8 MB
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Average User Rating: 9.5
Number of Votes: 2
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Unbalanced (1.6) - File Description  

This is another version of the Unbalanced mod that changes some of your guns. The cool thing about this mod is that it will work with any version of Quake 4 you happen to be running even if it hasn't been patched at all!

Unbalanced (1.6) - Screenshots  
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Unbalanced (1.6) - File Download Options  

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Unbalanced (1.6) - Readme  
Readme File:

BladeRunnerCutter presents

--------- Unbalanced 1.6 -----------------------------

---"COPYLEFT"...................Richard Stallman

__________________________________ Welcome _________________________________________

Welcome to the Unbalanced 1.6 release. I have some amazing new stuff for you
to enjoy, as well as compatability for all Q4 patched, and unpatched game installs.
So no matter what version Q4 you have, you can use this mod. You are free to use
anything you want from my mod that you might find usefull and you don't even have
to credit me. With Q4 ET coming out soon, and more personal obligations rising up
from the darkness, this may be the last build for Unbalanced till...
I have different pak files, and this is what you need to do. Just take the
500.pk file and drop it into where you installed Q4, and put it with all the other
pk files that were allready in this this folder. This 500 is the core file of
unbalanced and the only file you need if you have version 1.2 or lower.

Pak 500 = Core files, and a player def good to Q4 version 1.2 .This needs to be in
the folder ALWAYS as it has all the core files!!!

pak 600 = Q4 version 1.3 player def only. Drop this in (WITH pak500) for version 1,3 .

Pak 700 = Drop this in (WITH pak500)for Q4 version 1.4 beta player def.

I made this so I can release small player def updates for future patch releases.
So now for the listing of all the new stuff.

-------------------------------[ NEW STUFF ]-------------------------------------------------

(1) MINIGUN , actually... It's the nailgun.

Firerate is real fast now. over 3700 rds in 1 minute , more mini gun like.
" Remember, short controlled bursts people. " . A great target saturation weapon.
Impact effects have been reworked, as well as the muzzle flash.
Impact has a star burst patern that lingers briefly. Longer sparks, and a brief
flare effect from the impact area after the starburst fades. Right as
the flare dies out, smoke pours out of the hole and you get a shimmering red
light, fading slowly as the impact point cools down. The muzzle flash has been
lengthened to go out to target recticle, and lights up any area. I made custom
soundfiles sampled from a real mini gun. I also turned up the volume on the
nailgun. This is much closer to the way a real mini sounds and acts. My favorite
Mod Weapon in Q4 ! The only problem, there is never enough strogg around, and ammo
counters go very quick ! I give you 9999 rds in the starting clip, as this weapon should
be belt fed. I also reduced the damage of the bullets from former Unbalanced releases.

( OG-stock firerate) =.16

( OG-Stock DAMAGE ) =25

(Old Unbalanced Firerate) =.03

( Old Unbalanced DAMAGE) =115

-----------------With the new def in 1.6 you dish out...-------------

(Unbalanced 1.6 FireRate) =.002 ( OR 3786 RDS A MINUTE )

(Unbalanced 1.6 DAMAGE) =15

(Unbalanced 1.6 Splash) =10

(Unbalanced 1.6 clipsize) =9999


(2) Rocket Launcher, rockets now have a long plume of flame jetting out behind them,
As well as a thicker whiter smoke trail. New sound file that I sampled from a
Javelin missle launch, makes launching rockets way to much fun. Now this is a RL !
Major improvement over the stock effects!


(3) Machine gun, The old 5.56 round was not cutting it. It works great on flesh and
wound ballistics, but the strogg are mostly metal. So an upgrade up to the 7.62
round makes sense, as it has more punch and penatration in armor. New sound file
Of an AK-47 is the new sound of the MG .NPC's sound files have been changed as well.
I removed smoking bullet holes on this weapon, but reworked the impact effects a little.
Muzzle flash is 2x bigger as it has no suppressor and is firing a larger round. Volume
is louder when firing for you, and npc's as well.
Also reworked the old 1.4 damage def , bullets make less damage
than previous versions of unbalanced, But read the numbers before you say anything. As
straight out of the box this game does...


(OG-Stock) damage =15
damage flesh =18

(OG-Stock-ZOOMED) damage =24
damage flesh =24

-----------------With the new ammo def in unbalanced 1.6 you dish out...-------




------see, you still get massive damage over stock. Godbless the 7.62 !--------

(4) New marine textures, armor is now tan and digital camo, casual dress is a tan shirt and
digital camo pants. Medic and tech armor has been changed as well.
(5) Grenade launcher has a new sound file taken from a under barrel grenade launcher
attached to an M16.
(6) NPC's machine gun texture has been changed to black to match players MG.

(7) Player talks trash. Once in a while, when you get hit or take damage, your player will
say something funny. Took this from one of my favorite FPS games.

(8) Lightning gun , I shrunk the flame effect by half of what it was. So you can now see
your target.
(9) Pork,... er,... I mean gib parts. Are now more solid rather than transparent.
(10) All NPC weapons sounds have been increased in volume.

(11) FLARE GUN, well it's really the blaster, But the charged fire impact effect, leaves a
luminescent glow to the impact area. Blast the wall,floor,ceiling,as the more you fire
off the lighter the area gets. The primary fire of the blaster DOES NOT give the effect,
only the charged fire gives the luminescent impact.

(12) Main Menu, and menu system is now red instead of green.
(13) New shotgun sound for player and NPC's.

--------[ The Same ]-----------------------------------------------

(1)-persistant bodies.( railgun,lightning gun still gib)

(2)-New menu music.

(3)-New weapons skins( chrome and black) for...

1. Blaster.
2. Hyperblaster.
3. Shotgun.
4. machine gun.

5.New skin for Rail gun ( CHROME ,and hints of green and blue ).

6.New skin for Lightning gun ( all CHROME!).

(4)- Gui color for shotgun, ( Amber ).

(5)- Gui color for machine gun, (Yellow).

(6)- Pistol impact, electric discharge and a smoking hole, plus new spark effects on the charged impact.

(9)- Shotgun effects , smoking bulletholes ,

(11)- more gore on bullet wounds, etc.


0. All max ammo stats have been raised, as well as clips. Distance has been increased on all.

1. BLASTER- Faster firerate(as fast as you can click)5x the damage per shot,and a quick charge.

2. HYPER BLASTER- really fast(from barrel to target), fast fire rate, 3x damage per shot.

3.LIGHTNING GUN- massive damage at any distance, A gib ing good time

4. MACHINE GUN- 2x zoom on scope(a little better)

5.NAILGUN- So much blowback on squibs, you watch them fly across rooms
and stick to the walls for a moment.

6. RAILGUN- fires much faster, better zoom for a weapon of this kind and 1 shot deadly. Quickly
hits targets shortly after you pull the trigger(the way it should be).Also has
a flame effect on impact area.

7. ROCKET L.- faster rockets.

8. Shotgun- Automatic fire, reloads with one shell, lots of blowback.



1. FLATBED(truck)- That guy takes his time to disarm those mines, Now you can give him much better
cover.(faster,more damage).

2. HOVER TANK- cannon for main gun is now an auto with better damage, machine guns are faster and
do way better damage( I might of gone a little overboard).

3. WALKER(mech)- 15 missles are more fun than 6, so is a rapid firing missle launcher ;) . Guns
on mech are way to powerfull, walk speed has increased.

4. TRAM GUN- Made this way to powerfull... he he he


-------| Playtesting |-----------------------------------------------------------

Works fine on my machine ,having played through the game with the mod in 1.4 beta patch.

My system tested on is...

RAM- corsair 1G in dual config
PRO- P4 3.2 775 chipset
HD- Western D. sata 75 gig 10000 rpm raptor(main), WD 7200 rpm sata 120 gig(sec)
VC- BFG 6800 gs oc
SC- soundblaster live
PS- Anted 500 wt with dedicated power supply for VC
DD- Plextor dvd +- cdr burner / asus dvd rom
KEY B- saitek
Mouse- razer diamondback

-------------- INSTALL --------------------------------------------------------------------

This mod is in a pk4 file, so all you have to do is drop-(pak500)-into your q4base folder for Q4
version 1.2 or lower, usually in,( C: /program files/id software/Quake4/q4base) and you are done.
Easy to install and remove .This 500 is the core file of unbalanced and the only file you need
if you have version 1.2 or lower.

Pak 500 = Core files, and a player def good to Q4 version 1.2 .This needs to be in
the folder ALWAYS as it has all the core files!!!

pak 600 = Q4 version 1.3 player def only. Drop this in (WITH pak500) for version 1,3 .

Pak 700 = Only drop this in (WITH pak500)for Q4 version 1.4 beta.

I made this so I can release small player def updates for future patch releases.

<<< WARNING >>>> I recomend you start a new game!! Cuz if you load an old one, it may take a couple
auto saves or load screens before this mod gets loaded in with your current game. If you start a new
game,the mod is active imediately.

//////////WARNING\\\\\\\\\\\\ I cannot promise this new version will work good on lower end systems,
play my mod at your own risk.

" Enjoy yourselves" .........................................................................................................................................................Bladerunnercutter.

Unbalanced (1.6) - User Comments  
The following comments are owned by the user that posted them. Quake 4 Files is not responsible for their content.

Total comments: 8 | Last comment: 04-29-2007 at 22:32

 #1 - ehh looks but but....... - 04-15-2007 at 10:33
Joined: April 10th, 2005
Posts: 41
this mod doesnt work,
at all for me... it wont even load a level
ive tried it w/ all pk4 configs. in an Unbalanced folder,
cuz im not putting that stuffi in my base thats n00b modding,
and/or perma install....
im using 1.3
till then im sticking w/ brilliant GTX w/ marine cammo mod

 #2 - Works great ! - 04-15-2007 at 11:21
Joined: December 19th, 2005
Posts: 32
Sorry, but you can't load this as a mod from the in game menu. Droping pak500.pk ( the corefiles of this mod) and pack600.pk (only the player def for 1.3) into your Q4base folder, as THEY BOTH NEED TO BE IN YOUR Q4 BASE FOLDER FOR 1.3 ! THIS IS COMPLETELY REVERSABLE, and IS NOT PERMANANT IN ANY WAY OR SHAPE !!!!! You can remove these files at any time. With that said, I am sorry it was to much trouble for you. Now if you are running Q4 completely uncompressed, then I understand completely, and what you need to do is drop the pak600.pk def into the pak500.pk /def folder uncompressed.I encourage you to try it just once, it may be " to n00b " for you to drop them in your folder, but it is so worth it ! After all , some of the greatest things in life are the most simple.

 #3 - works - 04-16-2007 at 15:05
Joined: April 10th, 2005
Posts: 41
mmk much better you Rock
works now, good stuff
i wish there was a 1.3 rebalanced tho,
i kinda like the extra hard stuff, what happened to that?

 #4 - 04-16-2007 at 16:24
Joined: December 19th, 2005
Posts: 32
Glad it's working for you know ! It's funny you mentioned Rebalanced as I have been looking through the files in it and making some corrections and tweaks. I have another round of Doctor visits soon ( OH JOY ! ), so I am not sure when ,but a new rebalanced may be out sometime soon.

 #5 - a bit more help... - 04-17-2007 at 07:35
Joined: April 10th, 2005
Posts: 41
well i hope that goes good for you,
srry about the ranting,-- bad day, ppl moving in/out our house + 2 toddlers in the computer room = bad.......now my tower has sharpie on it AHHHHH!!!!
i just cant perma'mod quake cuz multi ppl at this house play it,
and my dad doesnt mod so he wont go movie files, ill just get yelled at, or worse
will this work w/ GTX if i have it running w/ Brilliant Highlights?
or should i say since unbalanced runs auto, if i activiate another mod will they both run? cuz i already had marine cammo and bh in my gtx but since its in unbalanced,...i dunno...... just take out bh and marine cammo mod, stick bh in base and run gtx maybe?
thanx for your help already

 #6 - More help... - 04-27-2007 at 12:29
Joined: December 19th, 2005
Posts: 32
I am sorry it has taken so long to get back to you , as My net PC was hacked and fragged yet again. Ah yes Windows... Anyway, Just finished rebuilding last night, and cheaked GTX. It does look like you can use GTX with Unbalanced 1.6, but you will have to rename the GTX pak file from " pak500.pk4" to "pak400.pk4 so it wont interupt the pak500 of unbalanced. Gtx should still operate as "pak400.pk4" with or without unbalanced in the base. As for your "rant ", I know all to well how frustration can tansfer onto others inadvertently, so don't worry about it. : ) The fact you even had enough sense of mind to say any thing, when I did not even consider it a rant, shines as a testament that you are a better soul than me. The new rebalanced I was about to release was fragged as well, and I had made no backup. : ( So no new Rebalanced for now, and I am going to concentrate on playing some C&C 3 to ease my mind.

 #7 - Can ya lend me a hand? - 04-28-2007 at 15:43
Joined: April 28th, 2007
Posts: 1
This is one of the coolest mods I have seen. I am having on problem though. When I get the nailgun it is empty and I can't pick up any ammo. Any idea's on what the problem might be. I have downloaded the mod several different times and I have always started a new game. Thanks for any help you could give. I know your busy!!

 #8 - To # 7 - 04-29-2007 at 22:32
Joined: December 19th, 2005
Posts: 32
First Of all , I would like to say that I am sorry you are having trouble with my mod, as I created it for people to have fun with, and not problems . As big, and as ambitious as this new release ended up being , a few bugs were bound to creep in. What version of Q4 are you running ? I have run into someone using the 1.3 Unbalanced and had trouble with the NailGun . It would spin up as if to fire , but nothing would come out. They could not get anymore ammo, and the nailgun would not show that they had any ammo. I got a tip that on some machines , they might not like the high ammo count of the nailgun, and that it may incapacitate the nailgun all together . You may contact me through my email as I have a few ideas on what may correct this and we can correspond faster through my email account. I'm @

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